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Mr. Jianwei Lin

Founder, Chairman

Mr. Jianwei Lin, senior economist, is currently Chairman and General manager of Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd. China's photovoltaic industry leader.
In 2008, founded Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd., focusing on the field of solar module backsheets, and successfully listed in Shenzhen stock exchange in 2014, becoming the only listed company mainly focusing on solar backsheets.

Chairman Address

Jolywood was a small-scale technology company established during the global financial crisis in 2008. But through “Devotion, Perseverance, and Innovation”, Jolywood has now leapt to be a dark horse in the global solar industry. We focus on photovoltaic and drive our business with talents and capital, making technological progress our major advantage, and built our cause on three pillars: PV materials, high efficiency cells, and PV application. And now, we have already become the world’s biggest PV backsheet manufacture, technology and production leader of n-type bifacial mono cells, and we are striving to become an integrator of the technologies needed to realize high-efficient power generating system at the world’s lowest costs per kwh.

Standing on this new height, we can see a passionate and inspiring future on the horizon. A horn has been blown near us to call on the revolution of energy. Soon the skywill be bluer, the earth greener, and people more harmonious. We have been dreaming of this for too long. Of course, before we realize this beautiful dream, there still await usmany twists and turns. We must keep alert, and, with our enterprise sprit, always seeking for innovation and growth. By the wind of new energy, we are now sailing in full sail. We must seize this opportunity to bravely embrace ever more challenges. We are committed to forge a super team with a common vision to realize all-round innovation in product R&D, technology R&D and management system, to share Jolywood’s exclusive core advantage, and to practice our values of “hard working, learning & thinking, adding value to customers, and sharing benefits”. Jolywood will build a friendly industrial ecological system and contribute to the new energy cause with youth and perspiration until we people can finally live as one with nature.

I sincerely offer my gratitude for colleagues and industrial peers, and for those who are ready to join us in new energy. With your company and support, Jolywood will reach ever further.

Above mountains shines the sun ever brighter through the clouds;

Through hills carrier my heart still on;

And at length by our efforts a better future will dawn on us all.